Saturday, April 28, 2012

Master? Master? Are You There?

You know, I've been wondering what in the world to write for a blog post for a long time. You see, when I write here it is more for enjoyment than anything else. Sure I like it when someone reads a post and enjoys it, but my main focus is to write and enjoy myself in the process. Maybe this is more like a journal in that sense than a blog, but regardless, it is time for a new post.

I was looking over my previous blog posts not that long ago, and I realized that of the few posts that I have, two are either directly about, or inspired by my beagle, Daisy. Now, some people may read this blog and think "that guy is nuts!"

After all, I love knights in shining armour rescuing damsels in distress, comic books, Star Wars and some other Sci-Fi as well, beagles, and God! Quite a difference between each right? Yet I still try to turn things around to have a spiritual application, and something for my readers (whoever you may be) to see God's hand at work.

Where am I going with this? Back to Daisy. Today she is being good. Now I know Mama would say that she's always good; it's a grandmother's job to lie for her grand-dog-ter right? But today I have been working on my computer, and Daisy has simply curled up on the bed in a position to, every now and then, look and see what I'm doing.

When I first came upstairs to work, she hopped up in my chair and wagged her tail as if to ask, "Do you really need to work?" As I'm sure you can tell by the fact that I am writing a blog post, I have completed the work I had set out to do. I looked over at Daisy sleeping and I couldn't help but remember what happens if I leave the room at night and she wakes up.

If I have to get up through the night and Daisy wakes up, I will inevitably hear her clomping down the steps and crying. She'll whine and cry and go around the house trying to find me, and once she DOES find me, she'll cry some more. It is almost as if she cries, "where are you, where are you?" I know that many people have asked, "if dogs could talk, what would they say?"

I think that those times that dogs are left alone (whether it is for a moment to get up through the night, or when you go to work and leave your friend at home), the question that each dog would ask is this: Master? Master? Are you there?

I think that one of the reasons that we love dogs so much is because of how much they are like us. How many times have storms arisen in your life that you've asked, "God? God? Are you there?" How many times do we find ourselves like the Disciples in the storm, and we panic? God? God? Are you there?

How many times have you found yourself in need and wondered where your Master was? Let me tell you something dear reader; God has never left you. God is always there for His child. Though we may have felt like God was so far away, He was right there to help us.

"It was then that I carried you"

The next time that you are in the storms of life and wondering where God is, remember that He is there. He hasn't left you alone and gone off to work. He hasn't gone into a store and left you in the car. He hasn't even gone away to pee; HE IS THERE!

Another reason why I think we love dogs so much is because of the God-like qualities that they have such as their unconditional love. The fact that you may have been gone all day, but they are there at the door waiting to greet you. You may have gone off on your own path, but God still waits to greet you with open arms when you finally return home.

Take a moment and learn some lessons from your dog today, and thank God for him or her. As for me, I need to see to my Daisy who has just woken up.

God bless you all!

Benjamin Pass

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