Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank you Mama!

"Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...."

Thus began my all-time favourite movies when I was a kid ... and yes as an adult also! I still remember the first time that I saw a Star Wars movie. I got thinking about it today and it was when we lived in Tennessee so I would have been between the ages of 5 and 8 (though I'm positive it was closer to 5).

I remember Mama (my mother for all of those who aren't privileged enough to know her) kneeling in front of our old VCR and putting a movie in while Matthew and I sat on the couch. I remember one of us asking what she was putting on and she simply replied with that knowing smile of hers, "It's a good movie. You'll like it."

To this day I wonder if she had any idea how much Star Wars and Star Trek would impact my life. Now, I'm sure most people think by now, "Okay you're a certifiable nerd and there is no hope for you," but it is true. I have used Star Wars and Star Trek each in sermon illustrations, I am writing about them now in this blog, and they gave me hours of entertainment and heroes to look up to. It didn't matter that they weren't real; what they stood for WAS real.

Good and evil, right and wrong ARE real things. I remember sitting on that couch and cheering as the Death Star blew up for the first time. I would have written "spoiler alert" first but if you don't know about the Death Star being blown up the first time then I have to ask, "What rock have YOU been hiding under?"

"Stay on target"... good advice. Anyway, I remember how even when things seemed the bleakest, hope still prevailed. I remember when darkness seemed to have all advantages in its favour, that light still triumphed. I remember that a farm boy could become a hero and that no matter what you used to be, you could be someone and something special.

I still believe in these values taught to me by my mother and George Lucas. So many times through Star Wars especially, I see spiritual matters portrayed. Look at Return of the Jedi; it shows that no matter what you have done, no matter how far you have fallen, redemption is still there if you will only accept it and the forgiveness that you need.

It is in Star Wars that many people learn that there is more than just this life which we live. "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." When we leave this life, we enter into eternity. Now, our final destination lies in our hands, but if we have chosen the Lord and the path of Light, then we will dwell in Heaven forever. We will have glorified bodies, and no longer will we experience pain, age, sorrow, or anything bad. That is more than we can possibly imagine.

You see that though the Dark Side may be brutal and strong, the Light will always banish the Dark. How like the Lord and Satan! The Lord, the Light of the World, has and will continue to triumph over the Prince of Darkness (by the way, Satan owned the title long before Ozzy Osbourne). Light banishes Darkness and God will always conquer Satan.

Star Wars shows the value of friendship and that helping each other combat evil is worth more than even Han Solo can imagine of wealth and riches.

Can you imagine if everyone lived by the way that we first saw Star Wars? Or at least how I first saw Star Wars? Can you imagine if everyone looked out for each other, or if friendship was more important than self or riches? Can you imagine if everyone sought to bring about redemption for their enemies rather than hatred?

Can you imagine if we all learned to lean on the Lord of Light rather than our own strength? I am so glad for the day when my mother sat me down in front of the TV to introduce me to the Universe of Star Wars. Yes, I'm still a geek, and I do own my own lightsaber (boo yah!), but really, the thing that I cherish the most is the memories and the lessons.

I cherish the fact that I remember watching these movies with my family, and that we have done so many times over the years. I cherish the fact that I learned so many lessons from Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia, Obi Wan, and yes even Vader, but all of these lessons were merely reinforcements of what my parents took the time to teach me when I was young.

Maybe Star Wars isn't your thing (may God have mercy on your soul haha), but find something to impact your children's lives or your grandchildren's lives the way that my parents did for me.

Thank you so much Mama for introducing me to Star Wars and Star Trek, and for always being there. I love you.

May the Force be with you! May God bless you, and may you walk in the Light always!

Benjamin Pass

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  1. you have learned well my young padawan. The Force (God) is with you.